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Welcome to Functional Materials and Applied Mechanics (FMAM) Lab!!

Welcome to the Functional Materials & Applied Mechanics Lab, School of Mechanical Engineering, Chung-Ang University. Our main interests are to explore mechanical behavior of structural and functional materials in micro and nano scales. Various computational studies by using, for example, molecular dynamics (MD), dissipative particle dynamics (DPD), peridynamics, and finite element method (FEM) are performed to investigate the material failures such as nanoscale fracture of polycrystalline solids and tribological behavior of grafted nanoparticles on polymer brushed walls. On the other hand, our group conduct experimental researches on various sensors and actuators based on electroactive polymers (EAPs), which have potential applications to a lot of future flexible macroelectronic devices.
Graphene fracture


Arkema's magazine INNOVATIVE WITH, sheds light on electroactive polymers

Smart floors, fully touch-sensitive automative dashboards, connected clothing, paper-based electronic devices for biological tests... These applications are already possible thanks to Arkema's electroactive and piezoelectric polymers. In this magazine, discover the tremendous potential of these materials, and their exceptional properties. Several Arkerma's partners - start-ups and R&D laboratories - also bring their testimonial on how these materials will revolutionize electronics, medical or automotive sectors!
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[BK21 FOUR] Intelligent Wearable Robot Education Research Center
○ Group Name: Research and education center for intelligent wearable robots
○ Participating Professors: Seung-Hwan CHANG (head of a group), Seung Tae CHOI and 6 others.
○ Research Period: 2020. 09 ~ 2027. 08 (7 years)
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